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Orthotropics in Belmont | Alternatives to orthodontics, Recessed chin


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Before and After Horizontal and Vertical Growth of Same Child.
                               Photos Courtesy of Dr. John Mew.

We are pleased to offer our younger patients an exciting alternative to traditional orthodontics called orthotropics. The term orthotropics comes from the Greek words orthos (straight) and tropos (growth).

While traditional orthodontics focuses on straightening teeth, orthotropics focuses on straightening teeth while improving the shape and contours of the face.  With this new process, the growth of the jaw of a young patient is guided horizontally, allowing it to develop naturally. This is accomplished with an appliance supported by postural training of the tongue, lips, and cheeks.

Other important benefits of  a properly developed jaw are that patients have a better bite; they have a healthier jaw joint; and they are less likely to develop sleep apnea later in their lives.

This option for patients is not new.  It was developed in the 1950s by Dr. John Mew, a British orthodontist who was seeking a better alternative for his patients.  He recognized that for many young patients, traditional orthodontics would straighten teeth, but prevented the proper and esthetically attractive development of the facial structure. Over many years, Dr. Mew refined his techniques, and his field of orthotropics has been learned by Dr. Firlik and many other dentists around the world.

We have provided this service for our patients for several years, and we would be happy to discuss it with you if you have a young boy or girl who might benefit from this option.  

For more information about this procedure, please visit this site:

          Click here for more information on Orthotropics

Belmont Dentist, Dr. Urszula Firlik provides Orthotropics and Alternatives to Orthodontics to treat Recessed Chins.